Favourite Films of the 2016-17 Season
Dark Horse (September 2016) 10%
The Daughter 0%
Love and Friendship 0%
Little Men 2%
Dheepan 2%
Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World 0%
Last Cab to Darwin 7%
Bad Seeds (January 2017) 8%
Old Stone 0%
The Idol 3%
Operation Avalanche 0%
Toni Erdmann 14%
I, Daniel Blake 24%
The Eagle Huntress 15%
The Sweet Hereafter 2%
Paula 14%

Total votes: 59

Favourite films of the 2015-16 season

A Brilliant Young Mind 3%

Dancing Arabs 4%

Monsoon 1%

Wild Tales 14%

1001 Grams 1%

My Internship In Canada 20%

The Second Mother 4%

Sleeping Giant 9%

Theeb 0%

Rams 5%

The Lady in the Van 22%

Taxi 3%

Total vot
es: 79

Favourite Films of 2014-15

Vote Results: The Favourite film of the 2014-15 season was Pride

The Grand Seduction 16%
Tracks 4%
Calvary 6%
The Trip to Italy 11%
Ida 5%
Land Ho! 3%
Pride 23%
Gemma Bovery 6%
Wet Bum 0%
Elsa and Fred 11%
Mr. Turner 4%
'71 4%
Force Majeure 8%

Total votes: 80

Favourites Across the Country

Best Canadian Film: The Grand Seduction

Best International Film: The Lunchbox


Favourite Film of 2013-14

The favourite film of the 2013-14 Season was The Lunch Box by popular vote.


Favourite Films of 2012-13

In our 93-vote patron poll

#1 The Intouchables

#2  Still Mine

#3  The Angels Share

#4  Barbara

#5  Amour

#6 Stories We Tell


Favourite Films of 2011-2012

An all-time record was broken this year with 516 tickets sold for Monsieur Lazhar.  Even the front row was filled!


Favourite Films of 2010-2011
Fiona's Picks

I had a hard time selecting a favourite this year - so am going to cheat and choose two titles!

The film that moved me the most, that kept me riveted to my seat throughout, and has stayed with me since seeing it (actually back in September at TIFF), was INCENDIES. It was a powerful, admittedly emotionally-draining, film, that layered each character's story beautifully against the horrors of war. I thought the cinematography was stunning, and the use of music at pivotal moments was truly haunting (especially in that amazing opening scene as the boys have their heads shaved). I was cheering Denis Villeneuve on to win the Oscar for Best Foreign Language film for Canada back in February!

For sheer delight and charm, I want to nominate Mid-August Lunch. Who could resist those feisty Italian women - certainly not poor Gianni! And those sun-drenched shots of the streetscapes ... and the food ... and that wonderfully long and quiet scene where Gianni sits outside on the street drinking wine with a local, no need for dialogue ... I was ready to book a flight as soon as I left the theatre that night!

Milree's Choice

I can see very quickly I’m among a real minority, which is fine.  I voted for Another Year.  I had a few moments (more than a few) of ambivalence, because Made In Dagenham moved me, liked the main character very much, and I admired her, for her clear-sightedness, her steadfastness even in light of disapproval of friends and family.

However, I went for Another Year  for its  realism, in the way we are, the ways we sabotage ourselves, and  the beauty of love in all its messiness.   Beautifully and artfully portrayed.

Clare's Best

This year is the first in which we have include an animated film, and I must say I found it an interesting experience to follow the travels and travails of the illusionist as he struggled to make a living in an increasing alien world.  Based on a script by Jacques Tati, the great French mime, this film showed in the greatest detail the streetscapes of Edinburgh and rural areas of Scotland. 

Could it be French without a romance, as unlikely as it was to occur, and nostalgia --how much there was of it as the illusionist rode the train away, not home really, just away.  

There is no magic, the sign said at the end, but there was magic in the art of this film, and there was disillusion in the life of the illusionist.  Truly a film with feeling.

Jill's Thrill

My vote for best film of this season is The Secret in Their Eyes. It was indeed a tough choice as we screened so many varied and emotionally driven films, but for sheer entertainment value, I have to choose this one. It is a great mystery filled with subtle suspense, romance and humour. 

Academy Award 2010: Best Foreign Film

Favourite Films of 2009-2010

Our poll indicates that the favourite film last year was Departures with 32% of the votes cast.  If you missed it or want to see it again, you can buy or rent it on DVD now.

Our largest audience was 458 for An Education with Bright Star at 455 a close second.  The third largest audience was for the CanadianCooking with Stella with 413 patrons here to see it.

Although the 2009-10 MNM season has ended, we will be be back with another lineup of great films starting on September 20.  Watch this space for more information. In any case, you will receive a list of dates and films in September as well as a reminder e-mail, if you have given us your e-mail address.

We wish to thank all of our patrons for their enthusiasm for international and Canadian films.

The members of the MNM Group have been thinking about their favourite films as well as voting in the poll. Here are the favourites of MNM.

The MNM Group’s Favourite Films of the 2009-10 Season

Ann Pallant: My favourite film was Conversations with my Gardener. A lovely gentle movie with beautiful scenery (maybe because I love gardens!)

Barbara Belford: My favourite film of the season, did miss a few because of surgery .... definitively, Departures --a beautiful and thoughtful film on the uncomfortable subject of death but was handled with grace, compassion...... and some humour!

Fiona: Everlasting Moments was my favourite. I thought the difficult subject matter, and rather grim story, was told in a beautifully delicate - and realistic - way. There was no "predictably-happy" ending -- instead one that I felt stayed true to the characters, and of the time that they were living in. The lustrous, sepia-tinted cinematography only added to it's gorgeousness.

Peggy: My favourite film was Departures. It was a delightful film, soft and gentle with humour, ritual, and spirituality. I would love to see it again.

Milree: When I sit and think about the films, Departures rises to the top. I thought the story held me throughout, even though it was a very long film. And it’s stayed with me.
And ...I want to see it again.

Clare: Because of the science side of this film, I was fascinated by Creation.  The human story draws attention to the great anxiety of one of the most significant thinkers in history about the effects of the publication of his theory on his family and the world.

Jane:The best  movie this year was Empties, a touching and very humane story, bringing to life a range of comic and memorable characters.

MNM’s Favourite Films of the 2008-9 Season

Kate: Lemon Tree

My favourite film, perhaps I should say the one that stays with me most is Lemon Tree, that wonderful touching film about the futility of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict; one in which every side is a loser.

Ann: Out of the movies that I managed to see, my favourite was The Necessities of Life. It was fascinating from a historic point of view and, scenically, it was beautiful. The acting was terrific and it had a beginning, and a middle with a satisfying, if not altogether happy, ending.
Peggy: My favourite film was Outsourced. It was so good to watch something, and just enjoy it. It was light, funny and not too emotional. I could just sit back, and be entertained. Outsourced was just delightful.

Barbara: Welcome to the Sticks was definitely my favourite film of the 08/09 season. We had many thought provoking movies this past year, but this French comedy was a delight .... the small town characters of Bergues with their incomprehensible dialect (thankfully we had subtitles!) and the new postmaster, Phillipes' initial discomfort in these surroundings were hilarious.
Heather: Outsourced was my favourite. Why? Because sometimes it's just fun to smile with the world.

Fiona: Maman Est Chez Le Coiffeur!

I have always been drawn to films where the story is told from a child's point of view, and if there is a deeper social context to that story, all the better. Maman Est Chez Le Coiffeur, for me, was that winning mix of a poignantly told story, beautiful acting (especially from the children), and exquisite filming. We screened this film late November, a month I always find to be grey and gloomy, yet the colours and lighting in this film had me almost tasting that sweet summertime air. As Programmer, I read so much about our films before actually seeing them, that they sometimes do not live up to my expectations - Maman Est Chez Le Coiffeur , however, stayed with me long after I left the theatre that night.
Clare: The Band
It has been a season of great movies, so I want to insert a vote for the subtle humour in The Band. Just about everything in it was unexpected: the first appearance of the band, the whole where are we? environment, the actual performances. I loved the memorable scene with the three characters sitting beside each other with the band member coaching the young local in how to get on with the girl.

Vanesa: The Necessities of Life was one of my favourites. I enjoyed the perspective, the attention to detail, the story and that it is a Canadian film.

ChiChi: Outsourced
We had a great season with a lot of winners and I know that I enjoyed all of the movies and always found something interesting, funny or sad in them. I found Outsourced to be a true delight to watch. It appealed to all of my senses and brought many smiles to my face as well as seeing a lot of India's beauty. It was thoroughly entertaining and thought provoking as well. Super Movie!

And from the patrons...
The Necessities of Life was my favourite film. I saw it shortly after seeing Slum Dog Millionaire and found Necessities to be a perfect antidote to the noise & violence in Slum Dog. I felt replenished after seeing Necessities. I think it’s a great tragedy that most people, including Canadians, have not and likely never will see it.

Joanne J. Ringrose
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